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Special Offer!

The deal: Headpress opens its vaults to offer readers the chance to get one classic title a month at a special price of £7.99. We carefully select the best, most provocative and popular releases from our twenty-odd years of active publishing service. It's a great opportunity for people to plug any significant gaps in their Headpress library, and to get some absolutely vintage releases for the price of a reasonably expensive portion of fish and chips.

Now we're gonna be very strict here, so after one month to the day the classic in question will bounce back to its cover price, making way for another. So don't forget to make hay while the sun shines, kids.

Image dark stars and trashfiend offer

December 2011 offer (is ended)


Buy Dark Stars Rising before January 1, 2012 and get a copy of Trashfiend absolutely free!

Two fantastic, big and heavy, fully illustrated books. The very best in film and alt.culture. Get them before the price rise. The perfect gift!

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Image cover no focus

August 2011 offer (is ended)

Punk On Film

Punk has been analyzed as social phenomena, as musical renaissance, as youth subculture and even as an economic force. But never in relation to film.

NO FOCUS takes a journey through punk on celluloid, from The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle to Jubilee from The Blank Generation to Ladies And Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains. Featured directors include Don Letts, Penelope Spheeris, Julian Temple, Amos Poe, Derek Jarman and Billy Childish — rogue visionaries who picked up a camera in response to punk.

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Image cover fleshpot

June/July 2011 Offer (is ended)

Cinema's Sexual Myth Makers & Taboo Breakers

Fleshpotis a guide to the genres, personalities and trends that have set screens aflame since the dawn of motion pictures — from the pioneering American pre-code talkies and the racy European imports of the forties and fifties, to hard-core and beyond!

For a very limited period only get Fleshpot at the dazzling price of £6.73

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Image trashfiend cover

April 2011 Offer (is ended)

Disposable Horror Fare of the 1960s and 1970s

Do you love the horror movies of the 60s and 70s? Do you own Trashfiend? If not, we’d best sit down and have a little chat. Not only because author Scott Stine is one of the most formidable authorities on that epoch, but because he is also the funniest by far, and in Trashfiend he shines a fond but satiric light on everything from low budget horror films to grisly comic art, lurid movie magazines to late-night creature features, campy monster toys to exploitive poster art.

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Image cover keep it together

Image sleeve cd
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February 2011 offer (is ended)

Headpress vaults special:

Cosmic Boogie with the Pink Fairies and the Deviantsby Rich Deakin
for £9.00

KEEP IT TOGETHER! is one of the great rock’n’roll books of the noughties, one of the biggest selling Headpress titles, and a definitive record of the English underground of the late sixties and early seventies.

Charting the enmeshed adventures of the Deviants and the Pink Fairies, England’s finest purveyors of garage psychedelia, this book is a cocktail of squalor, decadence and desperation, featuring the Pretty Things, Hawkwind, MC5, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Motörhead and a host of pilled up geezers desperate for a revolution. Or, at the very least, Top of the Pops.

When we first released Keep it Together!, courtesy of author Rich Deakin, Headpress came into possession of some very rare live and unreleased tracks by the Deviants, Fairies and Mick Farren, which we compiled and made seperately available as a CD to buyers of the book ONLY. Now, for a Vaults special, we’re making BOTH THE CD AND THE BOOK AVAILABLE AGAIN FOR JUST £9, a deal the world will never see again, and surely far too good to miss.

Buy Keep It Together! book & CD at regular price»

CD Includes:

  1. Pink Fairies / The Snake 12:19
  2. Pink Fairies / Uncle Harry's Last Freakout [abridged] 10:13
    Live, Grantchester Meadows, 1971. Previously unreleased. Recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder from the audience at the Country Comfort festival in Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge, probably late summer 1971. Line up: Paul Rudolph (guitar/vocals), Duncan 'Sandy' Sanderson (bass), Russell Hunter (drums).
  3. Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun / The Ladbroke Groove
    (Farren/Colquhoun) Previously unreleased. Recorded at Cyber Musik Studios, Los Angeles, March 2007. Line up: Mick Farren (vocals), Andy Colquhoun (guitars/bass/Apple Logic 7).
  4. The Deviants / Broken Statue 4:19
    (Wallis/Farren) Live, Dingwalls Dancehall, London, February 9, 1984 (previously released on the Deviants Human Garbage, Captain Trip Records, 1998). Line up: Mick Farren (vocals), Larry Wallis (guitar), Wayne Kramer (guitar), Duncan 'Sandy' Sanderson (bass), George Butler (drums).
  5. Pink Fairies / White Girls On Amphetamine 4:48
    (Farren/Colquhoun) Live, Long Marston Raceway, 1987 (previously released on Pink Fairies Chinese Cowboys, Captain Trip Records, 2005). Line up: Andy Colquhoun (vocals/ guitar), Larry Wallis (guitar), Duncan 'Sandy' Sanderson (bass), Russell Hunter (drums), Twink (drums).
  6. Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun / The Ladbroke Groove [radio edit] 8:45
Buy Keep It Together! book & CD at regular price»

February 2011 offer (is ended)

 Image cover bad mags vol 2

December 2010 offer (is ended)


by Tom Brinkmann

‘Bad Mags 2 blew me away. F*cking outrageous, sleazy and wonderful.’

What to buy the friend or family member with exotic tastes? BAD MAGS 2, we reckon...


  • Fully illustrated, with hundreds of reproduced covers, spreads and images to make readers wince, laugh and ogle. 

  • Devilish Mags: Monsters & Occult Sex

  • Sharon Tate: Sixties Sex Goddess in Print

  • Manson: When Satan Told the Cult to Kill

  • Myron Fass: Demon God of Pulp

  • Violent World: Mobs, Mayhem, Murder

  • Punksploitation: Cashing in on Punk

  • Appendix 1. Working at Pendulum, by “Frank Leonard”

  • Appendix 2. The Short Story & Magazine Articles of Ed Wood

  • Bibliography and Selected Reading

  • Index of Magazines for Volumes One & Two

Click here to buy BAD MAGS 2 for just £7.99

The Bad Facts

BAD MAGS 2 is the second installment of the Bad Mags series, in which author and archivist Tom Brinkmann takes readers on a guided tour of the tabloid and magazine pop lit of the sixties and seventies. The world has never seen anything like these publications before or since. Unapologetically sensationalist, these magazines were happy to stick decapitations, mutilations, ritual orgies and shark attacks on their covers, and, in the process, created some of the most kitsch, obscene and absurd copy of all time. If you'd never laid eyes on these bad mags youself, you'd never believe they existed...

Thankfully, BAD MAGS 2 is fully illustrated, with hundreds of reproduced covers, spreads and images to make readers wince, laugh and ogle.

Click here to buy BAD MAGS 2 for just £7.99

[Bad Mags Vol 2 offer is ended]

November 2010 offer (is ended):


by Anthony Petkovich


In his introduction to The Naked Lunch, William Burroughs explains that his title "means exactly what the words say: naked lunch, a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork". Well, if ever there has been a naked lunch, The X Factory is surely it. In the book, journalist and porn afficianado Anthony Petkovich seeks out some of the most notorious names in nineties hardcore and talks to them about their work and their experiences in the hardcore sex industry. Petkovich glibly interviews starlets about their sexual lives and sexual histories (the answers rivet and chill), high-fives sadistic directors that chew through human beings like meat, and takes his sharp eye, pen and outright enthusiasm to various sets. Nominally a book about exploitation, in retrospect The X Factory is pretty darn exploitative in its own right, and as crude, disturbing, provocative and fascinating as the industry its interviewees describe.

Click here to read more about The X Factory


Released without fanfare in 1997, The X Factory soon turned out to be our dirty little gift to the wider world, shifting an indecent number of copies first in the UK and then the US, thanks respectively to the sponsorship of the then-flourishing 'lad mags' and the porn industry itself ("Petkovich has a dirty mouth …", wrote Penthouse, "but then when has really down'n'dirty, no-holds-barred, teeth-shaking sex ever been about good taste?"). On the other hand, a chain of British licensed sex shops turned down the book because it had "too many words" in it...

It sold nonetheless, though we had a fair few complaints - mostly from enthusiastic consumers of pornography not expecting to come across, for instance, Lana Sands talking about an adolescent rape ("after that," she explains, "it made me start thinking sex didn't mean anything"). Petkovich didn't worry about this stuff, but he didn't edit it out either, and it's there throughout: this naked lunch boasts numerous courses. Even the illustrations (and it's fully illustrated, boys) have the same double edge: the starlets grimace and scowl amid sweating sets.

We could have probably done worse than send Andrea Dworkin and Peter Sotos copies of The X Factory when it was first released. They'd have probably both enjoyed it, but for quite different reasons. 

Click here to buy The X Factory

[The X Factory £7.99 offer is ended]

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