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A project in motion by David Kerekes.

Here is a list of lyrics to songs that I have been listening to and jotting down whenever the mood takes me. They are in the order that I jotted them down, which is why lyrics from the same song sometimes figure back to back.

Sometimes I will be listening to a track and it will make me laugh. Other times there is a depth to the lyrics that I doubt was the intention of the songwriter. Or maybe it was. Something about the delivery will often make me sit up and take note. And because a lot of this material is old material, it has the measure of innocence about it, which is where the really weird stuff is.


95. "I've been waiting to show her, Crimson and clover, Over and over" - Crimson And Clover by Tommy James & The Shondells

94. "I can't wait one more day, can't find one more word to say, So I'll just get on my way. I'm comin' home. See the hills floatin' by, rollin' like a lullaby, rock me Lord I'm gonna cry. I'm comin' home. River wide, river deep, river runnin' in my sleep, finding that all rivers keep, I'm comin home. Comin', comin' home. Sing me one gentle song. Sing me one sweet gentle song, I've been achin' so damn long, I'm comin' home. I'm comin' home. I'm comin'. I am comin'. Home." - I'm Comin' Home (The Devil in Miss Jones original motion picture soundtrack, music composed by Alden Shuman)

Image rainy daze label

93. "Black pictures painted with tears. Shallow dreams of love's lost years. Little broken statues falling down. Deep holes like childrens' faces" - In My Mind Lives A Forest by The Rainy Daze
Image the sweet

92. "And that's neat and she took me completely By surprise with her ultra sonic eyes That were flashing like hysterical danger signs" - Hell Raiser by the Sweet

91. "I don't feel very much like talking, No, neither walking. You wanna know if I can dance. Yes, sir, already told you in the first verse. And in the chorus" - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie by Baccara

90. "But how was I to know the magic that would grow when dark shadows fall, No more disillusion or despair or confusion, The fever in my mind, babe, deadly nightshade" - Deadly Nightshade by Pattersons People

89. "If you think you've got troubles then you've got less troubles than me" - Leave My Kitten Alone by The Beatles

88. "Well I may be right, I may be wrong You're gonna miss me when I'm gone" - Rock Island Line by Lonnie Donnegan Skiffle Group

87. "ABC WXYZ The cat's on the cover but he don't see me" - Rock Island Line by Lonnie Donnegan Skiffle Group

Image aguaturbia Image pleasant valley boys
86. "When the true is gone to be lies"
Somebody To Love by Aguaturbia
85. "And from his lips there came an awful sound - 'Yee-Haw! The South's gonna rise again!'"
Theme From 2000 Maniacs by The Pleasant Valley Boys

84. "Now come along with me See how much fun it can be" - Stupidity by The Undertakers

83. "I'd give you everything and more and that's for sure" - For Your Love by The Yardbirds

82. "I think you're gonna die of fright When I tell you what I've done" - Anyone's Daughter by Deep Purple

81. "You are the queen of the underground, looking for nothing it's nothing that you found" - Red Queen Of The Underground by Scorpion

80. "All this aggravation ain't satisfaction to me" - A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley

Image elvis Image elastik band Image 13th floor elevators
79. "A hundred magic fingers"
Way Down by Elvis Presley
78. "I said, get offa the floor, get offa the floor, boy, People gonna think, yes they're gonna think, people gonna think you're a spazz"
Spazz by The Elastik Band
77. "Rivers, waves they burst and pull, The pilot's ways beneath our oars, Canyons, mountain we just swore, We keep our cool inside heart, Through the massive walls that hit us, All this power will never quit us, No result can ever split us in two"
Earthquake by 13th Floor Elevators

76. "The sound of the earthquake, The rhythms that you make, Are makin' my head shake in two"- Earthquake by 13th Floor Elevators

75. "I'm gonna buy her pretty presents, Just like the ones in the catalog" - (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet by Sha Na Na

74. "I recognise my face but what's inside that head?" - Sometimes I Miss Me by The Maharajas

73. " There's no bad people in this world for me" - Flesh/Trash/Heat by The Monochrome Set

72. "Hail, hail. In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi!" - The Devil Rides Out by The Monochrome Set

Image knights of the new crusade Image monochrome set Image dead meadow
71. "Remember, it's a commandment not a suggestion"
What Part Of 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' Don't You Understand? by Knights of the New Crusade
70. "Who'll save him from being a man, Not me"
He's Frank by The Monochrome Set
69. "God grant each man his rightful share such hawks, such hounds, such ladies fair"
Such Hawks Such Hounds by Dead Meadow

68. "my definition is this" - My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style by Dream Warriors

67. "I don't care who you want me to be, I don't care what you want me to see, I could give a fuck about who I am, I could give a shit about Vietnam, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" - Goofy's Concern by Butthole Surfers

66. "I'm just a child in a stupid man's body" - Can't Get You Out Of My Mind! by The Solarflares

65. "I'm a viper, and I like her" - Cuckoo by Kaleidoscope

Image kaleidoscope Image pentangle Image dolly parton
64. "The cuckoo, she is a pretty bird"
Cuckoo by Kaleidoscope
63. "My lady, you have no need for to worry, I'll return victorious and true unto thee. Take care, lest misadventure Shall stain your heart and lead to woe"
Hunting Song by Pentangle
62. "Please don't take him just because you can"
Jolene by Dolly Parton

61. "And may hypochondria and melancholy, keep away from my house. Hurray for us, always for us! Whoever wants to be happy, let him come with us" - E La Picundria Malinconia (Hypochondria And Melancholy)on Alan Lomax's Italian Treasury Collection

60. "I have deceived so many. I will deceive you too. I have deceived my first one, I will deceive my second, Come the end of the world, I will deceive you, too" - Tutti Mi Chiamano Bionda (Everyone Calls Me Blonde) on Alan Lomax's Italian Treasury Collection

59. "All our times have come, Here but now they're gone, Seasons don't fear the reaper, Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain" - (Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

Image the fall Image the remains
58. "They say what about the meek? I say they've got a bloody cheek"
Touch Sensitive by The Fall
57. " I'll light a candle and I'll pray the Lord will bless you. I hope someday that He'll understand"
Don't Look Back by The Remains

56. "The truth is the light, The light is the way, The less folks know the more they have to say" - Don't Look Back by The Remains

55. "words are words and they mean nothing more" - I Can Take You To The Sun by The Misunderstood

54. " Open your virgin eyes - you will see, The truth that's lost within you - and you'll be, Complete in mind and soul and forever live free" - Find A Hidden Door by The Misunderstood

53. "The sound of your breathin' Has made the mood I'm in" - Way Down by Elvis Presley

52. "Reality's a fantasy and we live in reality" - Reality's A Fantasy by Circulus

51. "Wherever I live you are" - You're In My Mind by Graf Zeppelin

Image razordog Image butthole surfers
50. "Hate. Hate. Hate."
No Second Sitting by RazorDog
49. "Got to be at least 500 inches, Cubic inches out of 75 recorded by law"
Ulcer Breakout by Butthole Surfers

48. "Alright. What are we doing here? Ha ha ha [cough]" - Birds by Butthole Surfers

47. "How can you tell when you die?" - Nothing In The Sun by Finch

46. "Valhalla, I am coming" - Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

45. "And your friends, baby, they treat you like a guest" - Somebody To Love by Jefferson Airplane

Image george harrison Image kiriae crucible Image solid state
44. "Hm, my lord (hallelujah), My, my, my lord (hare krishna), My sweet lord (hare krishna), My sweet lord (krishna krishna), My lord (hare hare), Hm, hm (gurur brahma), Hm, hm (gurur vishnu), Hm, hm (gurur devo), Hm, hm (maheshwara), My sweet lord (gurur sakshaat), My sweet lord (parabrahma), My, my, my lord (tasmayi shree), My, my, my, my lord (guruve namah), My sweet lord (hare rama)"
My Sweet Lord by George Harrison
43. "Lucifer invades the town through their eyes, They are condemned"
Salem Witchtrial by Kiriae Crucible
42. "Sundown has set the scene for hate, Come round let's all participate"
The Lynching by Solid State

41. "Who says I am the book I open? Who says I am the smile I wear? Who says I am void of emotion? Who says I am? Who says I am? Who says I am?" - Who Says I Am by Netherleys

40. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey" - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly

39. "The music lighted with the heat of the sun" - Panis Et Circences (Reprise) by Os Mutantes

38. "Listen, big boy" - Button Up Your Overcoat by The Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band

Image helen kane Image mega purple sex toy kit
37. "Take good care of yourself, you belong to me"
Button Up Your Overcoat by Helen Kane
36. "She's so fine with her happiness, She's so fine with her pretty dress"
She's So Fine by Mega Purple Sex Toy Kit

35. "Just in case you wonder, baby where I'm at, I'm in the basement yonder, counting all the rats" - Just In Case You Wonder by Ugly Ducklings

34. "That flame is turning into a fire, just like a change in the tide" - Going All The Way by The Squires

33. "I've gotta find myself some action to satisfy my soul, A little mind-distraction before I lose control" - Action Woman by The Litter

32. "The things I do, you'd never try, what I get free, you gotta buy" - Primitive by The Groupies

31. "Got me a movie I want you to know, Slicing up eyeballs I want you to know" - Debaser by Pixies

Image wimple winch Image donovan Image screaming trees
30. "I carry my pride like a burning cross"
Save My Soul by Wimple Winch
29. "You've got to pick up every stitch"
Season Of The Witch by Donovan
28. "Whose god is mine"
Witness by Screaming Trees

27. "Whatever happened to dear old Lenny? The great Elmyra, and Sancho Panza?" - No More Heroes by The Stranglers

26. "Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Well I hate to leave you but I have to go, goodbye" - I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye by The Others

25. "Are you crying yet?" - Rich With Nuthin' by The Split Ends

24. "They'll probably drop the bomb the day my ship comes in" - That's The Bag I'm In by Fabs

Image movements Image volcanoes
23. "If we crash into the wall I'm gonna cry for you"
Cry For You by The Movements
22. "If I don't give up this craving for a hedonistic death I'm going to poison myself"
Poison Myself by The Volcanoes

21. "What's the use when I feed off abuse" - Into The Psyche by The Volcanoes

20. "Here I go, the spiral fall is pushing me, pushing me, pushing me into the psyche" - Into The Psyche by The Volcanoes

19. "The hour has ended can't you see, There is no way now to be free" - Shadows Of The Season by Screaming Trees

Image mastica Image cornershop
18. "I want to see your cadillac"
Cadillac by Mastica
17. "Going to Hell to get some people out"
Staging The Plaguing Of The Raised Platform by Cornershop

16. "It's no social integrator, It's a one man isolator, It's a back brain stimulator, It's a cerebral vibrator" - Orgone Accumulator by Hawkwind

15. "Welcome to the void" - Welcome To The Void by Morgen

14. "Can you feel what's made up or real?" - Nowhere To Hide by The Solarflares

13. "The darkest hour is just before dawn" - Dedicated To The One I Love by The Mamas & Papas

12. "If you don't come You'll die alone" - Touch Me I'm Sick by Mudhoney

11. "My love don't buy me presents. I know that she's no peasant" - She's A Woman by The Beatles

10. "Higgle-dy Piggle-dy, Way down to heaven, Yeah!" - Higgle-dy Piggle-dy by Monks

Image monks Image the prisoners
09. " Do you know the taste of silver moonlight?"
Love Can Tame The Wild by Monks
08. "When you got no brain your body is all you have and that's real shit"
Be On Your Way by The Prisoners

07. ""It's a moving car and I'm never lost" - Boss Hoss by The Sonics

06. "A tango for peace" - Cottonwoodhill by Brainticket

05. "Girl, what are you doing?" - Doin' Me In by Gonn

04. "We know that your world will hate this" - Your World Will Hate This by Orange Goblin

03. "My love is perfect" - Crimson & Clover by Aguaturbia

02. "Crimson and clover over and over" - Crimson & Clover by Aguaturbia

Image its all meat
01. "Step through open doors that once were closed"
Feel It by Its All Meat

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