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Monster Stationery Pad

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Monsters, Ghouls & Assorted Creeps
Stationery Pad

Extracts from the Headpress book
Disposible Horror Fare of the 1960s & 1970s Vol 1

by Scott A. Stine

ALTHOUGH MOVIES, comics and magazines take up a large part of any young horror fan’s life, we all had our share of toys and games, novelties and accoutrements with which to indulge our many macabre interests. On the pages that follow is a modest potpourri of nifty monster related memorabilia from the sixties and seventies, some of which you may have had, or coveted having seen advertisements. If this proves to be your introduction, even better.

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Sample pages from the notepad
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Monsters, Ghouls & Assorted Creeps Stationery Pad (1965)

Paula #ASP-108 [Cincinnati, OH, USA] 59¢
Notepad dimensions: 5½” x 9¼” (24 sheets)

This odd little piece I recently discovered while rummaging through the disheveled stock of a local used magazine store, having never seen one before or since. (Alas, I have no trips down memory lane to share about this piece… much to the reader’s chagrin, I’m sure.) Keeping true to the popularity of monstres drôles in the mid sixties, this notepad includes twenty four sheets displaying twelve different headers or borders that feature various ghouls accompanied by humorous one-liners. Most of the illustrations are retouched b&w photographs presented in two tone color.

Unfortunately, the pad I acquired is missing seven sheets, and one of the sheets bears an undelivered note to a teacher about Bobby’s tardy homework due to his inability to comprehend the material. Worse, of the remaining sheets, both copies of one particular design are missing, so I only know what eleven of the twelve designs look like. Oh, well, it only cost me a dollar… which is funny in that I paid forty one cents above the suggested retail price for an incomplete, used pad of paper. Collectors are funny people, indeed.

After numerous online searches, I have failed to find an upgrade, and have been unable to track down any information concerning the production company, which simply went by the name of Paula. Furthermore, the sheets themselves bear a copyright date of 1964, whereas the cover states 1965. The suggested retail price of fifty nine cents seems to me a bit pricey for the mid sixties, so it is quite possible that Paula was a fairly small outfit. But, even if this had extensive distribution, it remains one of the most ephemeral or disposable pieces in my collection, so chances of me locating a high grade replacement any time soon is a classic case of wishful thinking.

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