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Social Darwinism, Dada and Tiki - the confusing world of Boyd Rice

A documentary by Larry Wessel

Review by Thomas McGrath

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Above: Iconoclast film poster.

Below: The faces of Boyd Rice

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Boyd Rice cub scout


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Long-haired Boyd Rice


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Boyd Rice mug shot


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Boyd Rice with lipstick

What's the difference between a Nazi and a Satanist? A genuine question, that, rather than the opening salvo of the gag-you're-least-likely-to-find-in-a-Christmas-cracker. And the answer (or one of them) is that they practice wholly different forms of anti-Semitism. The former (primarily) hates the Jewish race, the latter the Jewish moral and theological tradition. The two aversions, however, have often touched fingers, like God and Adam stretching out fondly on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Neglecting the credible arguments of authors like Peter Levanda, who argue that Satanism is the actual, implicit religion of all Nazism, we can more easily assert that the Nazis shared the Satanic abhorrence of Judeo-ideas. Their anti-Semitism was a synthesis, as is belied is that well worn trope of Nazi propaganda about 'the Jew' being the 'carrier' of the 'disease of communism', behind which they recognised the Semitic morality propounded by Moses and Christ alike.

And Satanists too, as we will see, are rarely immune to a fondness for the far right, partly because they also tend to view the left wing as a camouflage for Judeo-Christian values, what Nietzsche called slave morality. But for a Satanist, racial anti-Semitism is by no means inevitable. The famous founder of the Church of Satan, for example, Anton LaVey, was born Jewish. The trouble remains: if you reject Judeo-Christian morality and all its offspring (from Socialism to Humanism), what real grounds are they to criticise Hitler's geopolitical programme?

I first stumbled upon Boyd Rice randomly on YouTube. There in the margin of the screen a short was entitled, 'Boyd Rice talks to Nazi boy Tom Metzger.' The interview was taken from what looked like an American Nazi chat show, called Race and Reason, which even sported, in the great chat show tradition, a sidekick Nazi to co-host besides Metzger, the latter a leading light of the American far right and Race and Reason's main man. This Metzger reminded me of the one of the Nazis in The Blues Brothers; there's something intrinsically un-American about being a Nazi, even on the far right of the political spectrum there, and this was evidently a soul that had come of age under the duress of utter alienation. He sported an appalling toupée and his ruddy face was disfigured by a permanent sickly smirk, the sort sported by a cuckold that had taught themself to enjoy the humiliation. Much more interesting was the lithe, smug, handsome and bright looking young man sat opposite him - the guest, Boyd Rice, introduced by Metzger as a composer of industrial music.

Image boyd rice and marilyn manson
Boyd Rice (left) and Marilyn Manson

As a rule the radical right possesses a limited power of morbid allure, but there was something genuinely compelling about this guest, who looked more like a hipster than a Nazi. While there was something haughty about Rice (at one point he dismissed politics as being for people that "couldn't control their own lives"), he was an agreeable enough guest, and he and Metzger happily discussed the brilliance of Mein Kampf, the essential 'Aryan-ness' of industrial music, and the 'racialist' music scene in general.

The whole thing didn't make much sense to me, but it started to when Rice began to regurgitate what I promptly recognised was basic Satanic stuff, predominantly lifted almost verbatim from Might is Right. Hence, I figured, his affiliation with, or indifference to, these Nazis: they were all, morally and metaphysically, bad guys. When they watched He-Man, they rooted for Skeletor. If the Holocaust had happened (Metzger presumably thinks not), it would have been a Good Thing. The weak have it coming. And so on.

Between that happenstance discovery and my viewing Iconoclast, Larry Wessel's intoxicatingly good four-hour documentary/portrait of Rice,
I added a few more items to my Boyd Rice YouTube collection, including a couple of poems/songs of his (extolling war and hate respectively), and some debates he'd conducted on old talk radio shows with an Evangelical preacher called Bob Larson. These latter were genuinely engrossing, with Rice (whom a Wikipedia search confirmed as a high ranking member of the Church of Satan) presenting the Satanic, social-Darwinian perspective on issues like domestic violence, but doing so with such camp relish it was difficult to establish the extent to which he was larking about, especially as Larson was constantly erupting in extremely entertaining indignation.

Other YouTube viewers were similarly unsure where Rice's head was at. 'HAIL SATAN' proclaimed one. 'Oh my gawd, Boyd's hilarious, he just cracks me up,' opined another. Wikipedia informed me that this division ran deeper still, with a genuine and hotly contested controversy surrounding Rice's flirtation with Nazism. Jewish friends in the avant-garde passionately attested his innocence, while others couldn't even forgive the Fascist aesthetics that abounded in his music and performances, let alone his conspicuous fraternisation with members of the far right. None of his critics on the left, however, gave a shit about the fact that he was a bona fide, card-carrying, high-ranking Satanist. So long as you don't identify the weak on racial grounds before annihilating them, Satanism was apparently politically correct (and there were some who attested that, even in his Satanism, Boyd was basically having another of his japes).

Image boyd rice and anton lavey
Boyd Rice (left) and Anton LaVey. Photo by Carl Abrahamson

Image filmmaker Larry Wessel and Bob Larson.

Filmmaker Larry Wessel (left) and Bob Larson. Photo: Tora Wessel.

My interest thus piqued, the arrival of Larry Wessel's Iconoclast pleased me immensely. The documentary is broken up across three DVDs, and over its four hours takes a broadly chronological approach to Rice's biography, stitching together its story with the help of a large cast of talking heads, including lashings of Rice himself and many of his collaborators and friends from down the decades. Beginning at the beginning, Iconoclast kicks off in Rice's native Lemon Grove, California, examining the cultural influences that helped mould his character as a young man. While my preliminary investigations into Rice had already prepared me - to a degree - for a dose of the unexpected, I was still bewildered to find myself subject to a introductory discourse, courtesy of a middle-aged, camp, broad-shouldered Rice (looking and sounding like a cross between Morrissey and Aleister Crowley), on Tiki.

For those of us born tragically far from the golden age of Tiki, and don't even know quite what it is, think cocktails with little wooden umbrellas, bras made of sea-shells, and every other stripe of Hawaiian kitsch you could envisage gracing a revamped nightclub in seventies Lancashire. Sat in an actual Tiki bar - a drab looking establishment that we later learn Rice himself had designed -Rice attempts to provide some contextual edge to Tiki by discoursing on the duck-and-cover Cold War anxiety this faux-exotic fad arose in, though the presiding sense is that, for little or no reason whatsoever, something in Boyd Rice's extraordinarily singular soul resounded to Tiki, just it would later resound to Nazism, Satanism, Abba, the Partridge Family, Tiny Tim, the Manson murders, and a host of other obsessions, kitsch and/or brutal.

An unusually tenacious monad, when Rice's soul gets its teeth into something, it doesn't let go - his enthusiasm for all of these lifelong hobbies appear undimmed in his middle age. When an old consort of Anton LaVey's is later interviewed (Rice was close friends with LaVey), she describes Rice as having the soul of "an ancient warrior poet". While I'm not wholly unsympathetic to this hagiographic definition (I definitely acquired, over the course of Iconoclast, much admiration for Rice's audacity and imagination), it strikes me that this soul is also, at the very, very least, seventy per cent geek. Rice is a born collector, anorak, annalist, enthusiast, and it is his succession of intriguing, amusing, unpredictable obsessions that Iconoclast focuses on.

Many of these obsessions were creative, active ones, ranging from industrial music, painting, writing, photography, and - famously - pranks: Iconoclast's segment on Rice's Lemon Grove trailer park adolescence is heartily enriched by his precocious flair for practical jokes. I was still getting my head around the Tiki mania when I found myself bellowing with laughter at the accounts given by Rice's teenage friends and accomplices of Rice's comic terrorising of his Californian hometown, particularly his invention of an unpronounceable and nigh-inedible special at the Taco Bell he worked at, where customers could also be exposed to Rice suddenly plucking a passing moth from the air and popping it into his mouth without missing a beat. Rice's larking about (amplified and ennobled by his early discovery of Dada) arguably found its apotheosis when he presented then-first lady Betty Ford with a skinned sheep's head.

Image lemon grove
Lemon Grove, California

All of which is desperately funny, mostly thanks to another significant aspect of Rice's character: he is a born raconteur. Droll, camp, mordant, and with a fine line in impersonations, Rice's own recollections are one of the unforgettable treats of Iconoclast. In his later years Rice seized the opportunity to meet and ingratiate himself with an incarcerated Charles Manson, becoming a regular visitor and even confidant of the famous felon. Rice's wan anecdotes from this period, enlivened by his note-perfect Manson drawl, are a genuine delight. "Before we begin," says Manson (vis-à-vis Rice), the first time they meet, "we need to get one thing straight…" There may be two of them sat there, Manson explains, "but there's only one consciousness, one soul" at the table. "And I thought," exclaims Rice, his voice modulating from his Manson impression to a fruity eruption of fan-boy enthusiasm, "this is just fucking fabulous. I've been sat with Charles Manson for five minutes, and he's already giving me the I-am-you-you-are-me shtick…"

It's quintessential Boyd Rice: On the one hand, an attraction to, and (apparently) affinity with a genuinely dark character, on the other an ability to collect the experience and simultaneously turn it into something kitsch, camp, 'fun' (a favourite word of Rice's). In his anecdotal analysis he goes on to observe that Manson's capacity to inveigle you into his own imaginings was obvious even within the penitentiary walls, noting approvingly Manson's talent for "fantasy". This power, certainly, had much to do with the Tate-LaBianca murders - Manson so adjusted the parameters of his followers' reality that at least some of them could insouciantly transgress the greatest taboo this 'consensus' reality presents - murder. Now a Satanist may or may not murder, but I understand that it is their contention that the potential to manipulate values reflects the fact that there are no intrinsic ones - that everything is permitted, which is really just an extrapolation (some would say an excessive one) from the observation that, morally at least, everything is possible. It is possible to befriend killers, to laugh at them or with them, to have fun with them.

Iconoclast falls over itself to extract the poison from the sting of Boyd Rice, and it left me with the distinct impression that the motivation for this was as much his as it was Larry Wessel's. Yes, it transpired that, come 2011, few people sympathized with a quasi-white supremacist inclination that, post-punk, looked like it might have a future in the wider counterculture. Nowadays, Rice apparently can't do a gig without anti-Nazi protestors picketing it. We see one such protest in Iconoclast, and while the protesters prove predictably naïf sorts, it isn't these alone that find Rice's happy affinity with the far right offensive. Most others, less easy to satirise, will simply curl their lip to learn that the person performing in their town or city (or sat opposite them at a dinner party) dug Nazis and Nazi memorabilia. I sensed that Rice, for all his don't-give-a-fuck bravado, has started to aggressively mellow with age, and begun to feel secretly bashful about the sincere young fascistic nihilist he was in his early twenties, everything about which has become fast obsolete.

Image newsclipping

Fortunately, there is enough contradictory material in Rice's life and character to enable him (and a sympathetic filmmaker) to adjust the past as they'd like. Rice's aforementioned enthusiasm for Dada, for example, is very powerfully accentuated in the opening third of Iconoclast, implicitly encouraging the viewer to bury any proceeding glimpses we have of Rice's later politics beneath mountains of postmodern salt. As such I find Iconoclast, and Rice himself, directly mendacious: Where, pray, is that fascinating, easily accessible - and unequivocally damning - cameo on Race and Reason?

Which is not to say that the contradictions and paradoxes Iconoclast draws upon are not important facets of Rice's character. The film's protracted coda, which focuses on its subject's contemporaneous middle age, presents a man for whom these contradictions have stopped pulling in different directions and started to mix and coalesce, resulting in a sadder, milder, less assured and much more sympathetic individual. Indicative is a reunion between Rice and his old Evangelist sparring partner Bob Larson. The two men clearly quite like one another, and Larson, whose tone is otherwise woodenly condescending, is quick to note the bona fide maturation of Rice's moral and metaphysical worldview. While one might be inclined to differ with Larson's interpretation that the hand of Jehovah is discernible in Rice's tentative entertainment of reincarnation (rather than the traditional Satanic tenet of posthumous oblivion), it is difficult to argue with him when he calls Rice up on the fact that his recent moral motto - that he finds people treat him pretty well so long as he does the same - loudly echoes the kernel of the Sermon on the Mount (do unto others…).

Image emperor hirohito
Following his famous sheep's head stunt, Rice became implicated in a supposed plot to assassinate Emperor Hirohito.

Appearing on Race and Reason (really can't get enough of that quaint alliteration), a younger Rice brought up the implicit hypocrisy in the public demonization of Charles Manson over the deaths of six people, while the US army incinerated millions in Vietnam. This observation (that killing, the ultimate social taboo, is frequently state-sanctioned) is far, far older than Raskolnikov, who yet made it with much more élan over a century ago. Regardless - what was Rice's point? That we should focus our moral outrage on the larger atrocities? Course not. Rice has never been a satirist. A satirist illuminates moral inconsistency in an attempt to bolster the moral. Even if his Nazi flirtations did largely lack political purpose or malice (as Adam Parfrey suggests), Rice's wallowing in the human capacity for cruelty and hate is more infantile than adolescent, the child licensed to fling its feces at the wall. And it is this touch of the polymorphously perverse that helps elucidate Rice's inability to distinguish between concentration camps and Tiny Tim, Satan and Tiki. It's all fabulous fun to Rice, hypnotised by a moral smear as much as he is the lurid colours of a Ray Dennis Steckler film (another of Rice's countless enthusiasms).

And what of it? demand his defenders (wheeled out, one after the other, in Iconoclast)…

Well, I'll concede that most tabloids luxuriate in the same murky material beneath the lumpy cloak of indignation, and that the darker side of human nature fascinates almost everyone. And I'll concede that to celebrate brutality unabashedly remains original in the current cultural context, as well as being, by and large, entirely harmless - taboo dominates human consciousness so effectively that there's plenty of room for a few thousand transgressives to go careering about the temple. But is the result really great, in the sense that Nietzsche, say, was great? In his Race and Reason appearance, Rice insists that, contrary to popular opinion, Mein Kampf is far from 'turgid'. I beg to differ. It's terrifying, yes, unique, yes, but it is also extremely badly written. And just in case I am accused of parroting some kind of consensus, let me also assert that that other (less notorious) text treasured by Rice, Might is Right, is also extremely badly written, that its style reeks, and that anyone with the least literary sensibility will laugh in its face. That isn't an opinion, it's an aesthetic fact. If Rice wants to wax lyrical about the superior and the inferior, someone should tell him that, in terms of literature and philosophy, he inhabits a slum.

When it comes to a flair for experience, however, a way with an anecdote, a capacity to juggle enigmas, and an ability to be an original person (no mean feat), I confess that Rice is second to none. Regardless of its suspect blind spots and bouts of sycophancy, so is Iconoclast. Not only did Wessel have the judiciousness to realise the value and power of fascination such an unusual documentary would have, but he had the steady hand and nerve to pull it off. Don't miss this absorbing film.

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The Official Iconoclast Website is here.

Mute will be releasing Iconoclast on DVD in Summer 2012 and will be screening in cinemas worldwide.

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The Wessel's Poor maners and poor movie making skills
. --Poor
Dear friends, enemies & art critics and the Wessel's

I wasn't going to say anything about the movie but my name has been dragged into this pending a defamation suit against the Wessel's and i would like for them to give me a public apology for accusing me of wasting my time trying to sabotage this sleeper movie when in fact they are doing a better job of it. Also I was reading the Headpress issue i was in in the early 90's and wondered what Headpress was up too and I saw all this bad grammar and racism aimed at me so I decided to take a shot.

Nothing to say about the Church of Satan I needed to be a Satanist and so much more so I moved on.

Larry's anger at me is stemmed from his wife's anger at me after her having had sex with an X girlfriend of mine and she has been sharpening her ax ever since. Love the jabs TORA TORA!! GO GIRL! when's the divorce? (but please take some English grammar classes). Thank you for spelling my name right and thank you for the free publicity I actually got 2 commissions because of all your hate. HATE=DOLLARS And I don't care what you think of my art you are hardly an accomplished being, you are barley an amoeba but you look hot when you are angry, please next time you want to cause a scene do it naked.

My "art?" well take it or leave it. I love it I do it everyday of my life and do not care if everyone in the world hates it I'd still paint in fact I love it when people hate my work sometimes more than when the love my artwork. everyone knows bad art never gets a mention unless it is a movie and it is being reviewed. Seems the Wessel's have jealousy issues. It is not my fault I am at least good enough to make a living doing my "shitty art" and i don't live in my mother's house. The fact that you Larry and you Tora have to have day jobs speaks volumes both to your "art" , conviction and people skills. Keep the day job Larry you'll need it. Tora there are strip clubs in L.A. hiring.

Yes Giger is a collector and anyone can go to his castle at St Germain in the Swiss Alps in Gruyere and see several of my master works on the top floor in his personal collection and if you are a lazy "Mercan you can go to the Giger Castle website and take a virtual tour of the collection online and see my Crowley PAINting. Tora you are a lousy liar.

Anyone questioning my heritage as a 5/8 Native American can request the password to my Ancestry.com page or join ancestry.com my tree is public. Also last i checked Mexican people actually have Native American blood this can be scientifically proven. Why are satanists so hung up on race. If the movie showed more of Boyd's racism it would be at least a respectable journalistic piece. More interesting than goofy Tiki infantilism.

OK Now about the movie:

A good example of how the person who makes a movie about an interesting person so they can seem interesting or "relevant" becomes neither. Iconoclast is way to long, edited like a bad montage of "cool images" and too much about the person and his weird friends and not enough about his art. I wanted more of Boyd's aesthetics especially of art as warfare. ART WAR!!!!I wanted something more about the artists insights not more public image bullshit. I wanted footage of Boyd taking his shirt off at Casa Bonita yelling how buff he is. Insights into the artist like in the movie "Crumb" about Robert Crumb or the movie "Rest in Pieces" about Joe Coleman which has all the crazy public antics but has Joe being Joe the person and being with authentic. All this talk of "blood & shit" makes me wish there was more raw gritty BOYD being an asshole or beating up his girlfriend.Real life raw REAL REALITY not reality TV high fructose BS. like the piss drinking scene in the movie "Hated" about G.G. Allin whom in my opinion was less talented than Boyd but a by far better and more interesting film. Boyd is not a boring icon but Iconoclast makes him seem so. It would be a fabulous home movie and is an o.k. document that should be filed in a museum somewhere. Obviously Wessel blew his wad without rythm, sincerity and skill. He blew his one shot at the top and it's a flop. I am glad he got off my coat tails and can see why Boyd won't have anything to do with him.

However the trailer which Larry spent a year on is fabulous so I'd say forget the movie just buy boyd's music and watch the trailer.

P.S. Rumor has it Boyd has offered up much of the same footage for the "Leyba Does Boyd" Pornographic Re-mix in Shit-O-Blood avision..............

I have two questions Larry why did you fuck up the Time Warner deal on the movie? &

Hey Headpress when is the next Steven Johnson Leyba article running?
Loved it
. --Excellent
I was introduced to Boyd Rice some time ago through another Denver 'industrial' musician under the pretense that his politics were appalling, but the music made up for it. Through my own investigation, not only did I not find Boyd's politics appalling, I didn't find them at all! I've always looked at the far right imagery as a challengingly beautiful aesthetic that works as a visual accompaniment to what I can imagine to be the challenge of listening to 'noise' music for the average listener. That being said.. Iconoclast was more or less what I expected it to be, and I was very satisfied. I revel in Boyd's work because it leads me to ask questions, and Iconoclast does very much the same. I don't want to know the 'why', but more-so the 'how'. It's surprisingly upbeat and very funny. The Anton Lavey anecdotes in particular are still giving me the chuckles (I can understand why Boyd had a hard time trying to tell the story of the telephone call from 'The Old Man', I was laughing about that even after the film ended.. I can only imagine waking up to it myself.) Oddly enough, I went to bed immediately afterward and I myself had a dream with Anton Lavey, but he was having sex with my ex-girlfriend in her parent's bathroom.

If you're a Boyd fan, absolutely buy this film. If you're one of the assholes complaining that Boyd 'hasn't really done anything' to warrant a four hour documentary, tell me, if someone put together a film of such length and depth about your life, would it be a fraction as interesting?
Mister Five
. --Excellent
THE TIME IS NOW TO PLAY WHAC-A-MOLE!! R.s. Barnish's identity is revealed at last...
Last August while I was promoting the Anthology Film Archives screenings of my ICONOCLAST a curious message was posted to my FaceBook wall. It was the announcement of the screening of a super 8mm film at a bar somewhere on the same night as the NYC Premiere of my ICONOCLAST at the Anthology Film Archives. I removed this ad posted by Brian Dall (he spells his name Bryin Dall) on my FB wall. He immediately posted again on my wall. This time he was hopping mad. His post read something like this, "How dare you remove my post from your wall. My movie begins at midnight the same night as your Premiere and I was going to bring all my friends to see your film first but NOT NOW. I will tell them NOT to see your film and I am now de-friending you on facebook!! The very next day there was a comment on one of my promotional YouTube videos for my ICONOCLAST. This comment said that my documentary was "boring and would be a great alternative to using Ambien". The comment was from someone calling themselves "R.s. Barnish". As soon as I removed this poison pen post another one appeared somewhere else on the internet. This remember is last August. For 4 months, Tora and I have been putting up with Bryin Dall's hate campaign against my ICONOCLAST. A few days back he had YouTube remove an ICONOCLAST trailer for "nudity" and two of my animated gifs for "sexually explicit content". I have now been banned from YouTube and cannot respond to any of his attacks. His latest effort is a video titled "Larry Wessel Cures insomnia with Iconoclast Starring Boyd Rice" and can be viewed on YouTube right now. Brian Dall is using clips from my ICONOCLAST (without my permission) in order to tell the world that ICONOCLAST is boring and that I am a lousy filmmaker. I want to thank all of my FaceBook friends who have flagged Bryin Dall's video as inappropriate. As of now the video is still up on YouTube so if you haven't done so yet I really need your help NOW. PLEASE VISIT THIS ANTI-LARRY WESSEL, ANTI-ICONOCLAST VIDEO THAT HE JUST POSTED ON YOUTUBE AND CLICK THE FLAG FOR INAPPROPRIATE SO THAT YOUTUBE WILL DO THE SAME TO HIM....MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE, YOUR FRIEND, LARRY "WHAK-A-MOLE" WESSEL... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btDwFEjCadM
Larry Wessel
Nice try Barnish
. --Excellent
I did not write the review above that has my name attached. I have sent an email to the admin of this site to remove it as it does not reflect my views. I have not yet seen Iconoclast, but am sure I will enjoy it when I do. My apologies to the Wessel's, but we know this is the work of Barnish.

Craig Ellenwood
Craig Ellenwood
Don't feed the trolls, mummy.
. --Good
The "poor man" that Mr Mummy refers to, was a trouble-maker and muck-raker who was telling LIES about Wessel's work as part of a general — and purely personal — campaign of harassment. He was not a "poor man" at all — it was Steven Leyba acting under a pseudonym and pretending, pathetically, to be a harassed homosexual. Other negative reviews on here have told similar lies, and/or are just personal attacks. The point is, if you're going to vigorously criticise someone's work, then STICK TO THE FACTS — otherwise it's just TROLLING! Is that clear?
No, I'm not Larry Wessel. It's a good documentary — and naturally it won't be to everyone's taste — but the director doesn't have to resort to lies or assumed identities to promote his work. Other people will promote it by choice. And frankly, Boyd is lucky to have had this much effort lavished on him — I can't see that it will ever happen again. Make the most of it while you can.
Hunter O Trolls.
Caterpillars & Butterflies
. --Excellent
Watching this film is like watching a caterpillar for 4 hours. It moves really slowly, doesn't go anywhere and doesn't turn into a butterfly.
P.J. Soles
My Last Post
. --Poor
Dear Wessels -

I have never heard of STEVEN LEYBA, but I pity him now that you think I'm him. Since you have unblocked me from facebook, I have, in turn, blocked both of you. I can't believe that you would spend so much time researching and stalking me for one little review. I have done screen shots of all of your posts on all of the pages and your emails. I have given copies to my local police department (in the event that you do find me). I will not accept your friends' friend requests.

You really need to GET A LIFE! I wrote a negative review about a shitty movie. DEAL WITH IT! I'm not the first and you can be sure, I WON'T BE THE LAST!

Now LEAVE ME THE F ALONE! Take the time you're spending obsessing over me on film school or, better yet, a full psychiatric evaluation.

The only bright spot to all of this is that it has been MUCH MORE INTERESTING THAN ICONOCLAST!
R.S. Barnish
. --Excellent
This bearded Mexican American Apache impersonator basically got booted from the Church of Satan for being an ass!! He bum-rushed the cameras and microphiones at a COS press conference for their 666 Event held in Los Angeles on June 6, 2006. Wearing an all-white suit (the dress code was black) he publically denounced the COS to the media. He used the COS to promote his own "Coyote Church", a few days later he was ex-communicated from the COS. It was a long time coming, he was a total embarrassment to the COS. The next head on the chopping block belonged to Rex Church!! Lay Bah's "Native American" fatwa against WesselMania began with a FaceBook post of Tora's where she said that she appreciated giant corporations like Apple for making such cool computers and for other large corporations for creating some of her favorite cosmetics. Lay Bah the "Apache" read this post and blew a fuse accusing Tora and I of being Fascists!! We both decided enough was enough and "de-friended" the ethnic poseur (we had learned earlier that he is actually half Mexican and half caucasian). Soon after this an email arrived from Laybaa. He said that he would be in San Bernardino, CA in August and would be coming to visit us. I emailed him back and advised him not to. A few weeks later a postcard arrived postmarked on my birthday (August 16, 2011). The postcard was covered in blood and fecal matter. We figured that this was his lame idea of an ancient injun curse! This postal biohazard was reported to the local authorities. A week or so later during the third week of August 2011, several really mean-spirited comments were posted on my Iconoclast YouTubes. I removed them and reported them to YouTube. And then...Headpress posted a 5 Star Rave Review of my ICONOCLAST on their website and who was the first one to post a comment? A guy by the name of R.s. Barnish. Hmmmm. Tora and I began our research. Didn't look to us like "R.s. Barnish" was a real person. Yes, "R.s. Barnish" did have a FaceBook Profile. Yes, it was "R.s. Barnish: who created an Anti-Larry Wessel, Anti-Wesselmania, Anti-Iconoclast FaceBook Page too!! Yes, "R.s. Barnish" has kept himself busy this month defaming me and my wife and my film on my Iconoclast FaceBook Event Pages, on my Non/Boyd Rice in Larry Wessel's Iconoclast FaceBook Fan Page and about a dozen or so times he left poison pen posts on the aforementioned Iconoclast 5 Star Rave Review thread on Headpress.com and other websites that have been singing the praises of my ICONOCLAST. But who was hiding behind the pseudonym and phony Facebook profile of "R.s. Barnish"? Tora and I put on our surgical gloves lit our Sherlock Holmes pipes and and kept following this fecal matter and blood encrusted, urine and cum-stained paper trail until it lead us to the perp himself, a troll who once called himself Steven Johnson and then decided to be Steven Johnson Leyba and then changed his name again to Monsanto Leyba and now R.s. Barnish. Looks like Lay Bah appropriated his "R.s. Barnish" FaceBook Profile Photo from none other than Jonathan Ive, Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple and the man who is credited with creating the imac, Powerbook G4 and iPod. The plot thickens like old tapioca.
Larry Wessel
A final note on RS/LEYBA
. --Excellent
The profile picture used by "RS" on his Facebook page? None other than Apple Computers Designer Jonathan Ive -

Tora Wessel
. --Excellent
Well, folks.

Me & Larry have, with the help of a few others, determined without a doubt that the person, the coward, behind all of the "R.S. Barnish" posts, and the group, is none other than STEVEN LEYBA.


Congratulations, "monsanto", for humiliating yourself beyond what I thought possible all on your own!

For those not in the know. Steven Leyba is a wannabe "artist" and "satanist" who likes to cut himself open, shit on a plate, and paint embarrassingly bad and laughable paintings with his own bodily fluids.

He is no one important, no one of any significance, and is the laughing stock of everyone we have come across in the "circle" he thinks himself a part of.

He succeeds in nothing and is infamously untalented and equally lacking of any intelligence. 

Of note too, is that Leyba did a documentary himself! That's right! Check it out. The footage looks like it was shot on a cellphone camera, the nonexistent choppy editing was done on iMovie, and the sound? INDISTINGUISHABLE.

Fascinating how Steven decided to write how big of a fan he is of Boyd Rice's, considering he makes an effort to slander him to anyone who crosses his path.

He is incredibly jealous at Larry Wessel and has been for a very very long time. Hey, he's even tried desperately to freak Larry out by mailing him a postcard on his birthday this year covered in blood, shit, and swastikas.

Accomplished nothing but getting him reported to authorities.

Stevens desperate and jealousy fueled comments here speak for themselves. 

He is nothing and no one of any importance, and deserves no ones further attention.

We are after all talking about the guy who goes on a stage and shoves bottles up his ass and pulls American Flags out of obese women's vaginas as performance art.
The guy who tells of Stephen King and HR Giger being fans and COLLECTORS of his Shit Art, when the truth if the matter is Steven attended a party at Gigers, and just LEFT some of his crap there. Following which, Giger threw them out on the sidewalk!
We are talking about the guy who claims he is apache Indian when he is in fact half Mexican.
We are talking about the guy who has been made fun of, laughed at and brushed off by the Church of Satan, every artist he admires, and every girl who eventually realizes he has blood carried diseases which are most likely uncurable.

Let's ignore him, like everyone else does and always will, and move on!

Tora Wessel
Slurring Gay
. --Excellent
I have not personally seen the film, but I trust the good taste of friends who have given it a good review. I look forward to seeing it myself. Concerning Mr. Barnish, man up! Apparently you were unaware there are consequences for publicly expressing opinions. One would think you would have learned this from watching a documentary about Boyd Rice. Perhaps you were not watching very closely. Being that I am also a gay man, you may consider this a "gay slur" if you like...
Nathaniel Ketcham
A Masterpiece
. --Excellent
Wessel's film is a masterpiece!

Read my review + interview of Larry here:


For R.S Barnish
. --Excellent
Firstly, "R.S.", there is no trace of you existing. Not on any search engine, not even on Ancestry.com. Apparently, you were never born. Secondly - YOU are the one who created a group (with 2 members...) dedicated to nothing but going on about how you could do a better job at editing this film than Larry Wessel has. An ordinary Joe... Who would have thought? It's ridiculous to even keep this discussion going, as anyone who reads your poor attempts at reviewing this film here will clearly see that you are nothing but a jealous, bitter, and yes, average Joe, with an axe to grind.

It bothers you to no end that someone else has accomplished something if real value. As you stand there and check out groceries or mop the floors of the local supermarket, you start to HATE Larry Wessel, and your frustrations at not accomplishing anything with your life starts to translate into anger and self loathing. You project all of this into your childish and reactional comments on this site, and maybe you'll feel like you had sone kind if impact in your dull life the next morning your alarm goes off and you are off to bag groceries.

It's see through, embaressing, pathetic and desperate.

Of course we blocked you? Why on earth would we want you around?

Your opinions gave zero gravity. You are insignificant at best and your attempts to review this masterpiece are nothing but futile, sad little efforts to make yourself feel a bit more important.

We did not start the personal attacks. We would never invest our time in creating a fake FaceBook profile (go on about you being who you say you are, there is no trace of you leading anywhere or starting anywhere), or a group with the title "Larry Wessel, and how not to make a documentary".

That's a joke. You are accomplishing nothing but being laughed at.

Feel free to express your opinions. Be my guest. But OBSESSIVELY trolling the Internet and pretty much stalking my husband to say the same thing over and over... That's not criticism anymore. It's an average Joe powered by jealousy and an empty schedule, trying to make himself matter. You never will. So let's just leave it at that.

You have no place in criticizing real artists such as Larry Wessel, Boyd Rice, or the editing of a film, when you clearly are not even familiar with creativity.

Stop being a baby and accept your lot in life!

Tora Wessel
A bit of self-reflection, Mr Barnish
. --Excellent
R.s. — You should be seeking help to find out why one piece of work that Larry Wessel did is causing you to obsess and attack him on so many sites and so many levels.
Boyd Rice
Worth A Watch With A Remote In Hand
. --Below average
I read about this film online and wanted to see it so much. I got a copy of the 3 DVD set (to my surprise a vendor at my local flea market had several copies for $10). YEAH! Much smarter than trying to sit through this in a theater. You can watch a few minutes of an interview and when it gets too boring, FF. That is how I was able to enjoy this film. Watch, FF, watch, FF, watch (oh, a Boyd scene), watch, FF, watch, FF, FF, FF, watch Boyd, FF. Parts of Iconoclast are interesting, most of it is not, but hell, it's a documentary on Boyd Rice. How cool is that! Long overdue and much appreciated! I hate seeing all the bitching about it (although I have to admit that a review on another site made me laugh when they called it "Iconocrap: A Boydless Documentary"). But you have to give Larry Wessel credit for doing it at all. Nobody else did. Yes it has over 2 hours of filler, yes the people being interviewed are more into themselves than sharing any insights about Boyd, yes it's hard to understand at points, but it's a documentary about Boyd Rice and for that reason alone it should be applauded. Again, I would recommend that you rent the DVD rather than seeing it in a theater (so you can FF), but everybody should see it.
Honey West
Best four hours I ever spent!
. --Excellent
I am a little perplexed as what happened to my review. However, I will be brief. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Normally for any film Four hours is a long time, and to watch it in one sitting it can prove challenging. But I think it is a credit to the film maker and the subject that I was so fully enrapt with the documentary, each and every new facet was explored in such an inventive way. Documentaries tend to be a bit academic in nature, but here, the humour was always present. There was not a time when you did not wonder if while Mr. Rice was explaining some of his past escapades if tongue was not planted firmly in cheek. I thought it was brilliant, I never enjoyed a documentary film so much before. I think that due to the ferocity of some of Mr. Wessel's detractors, that they fail to realize what art was wrought here, and honestly I think it frightens them. It frightens them because it is undeniable. Mr. Rice sets the record straight in a wonderfully articulate way, as always. Mr. Wessel has a true gift for presentation. He can take a subject and show you when it is at the height, the pinnacle in all it's glory, and simultaneously show you all its misshapen flaws at the very same moment. You truly appreciate the beauty and grandeur that way, because it rings true. It has the indelible mark of humanity all over it. To those who wanted a fantasy woven for them, Mr. Wessel had the foresight not to cater to such disingenous aims. Indeed, his Documentary is so brilliantly honest and captivating that after four hours I was left wanting more. Watch this movie, you will not be disappointed.
Sean T. Mc Nerney
The Ontology of Boyd - A fireside chat with Rice
. --Excellent
Greetings from Down Under,

Iconoclast is an excellent documentary. Larry won Best Director and the Film won Best doco at the recent 12th Melbourne Underground Film Festival that I run in Australia.

See: www.muff.com.au.

Trolls like this Barnish chap can be mostly ignored. There are always people with an ax to grind, personal or otherwise and with Boyd Rice these types seem to crawl out of the woodwork. The net gives every idiot a voice and we have to tolerate. Until say a Future Artists Utopia can be established with some quality control, etc. Hehe.

As someone who knows both Boyd and Larry this doco is a truly unique fusion. As Jimmy The Exploder our Jury head said at MUFF 12, "Iconoclast is like a four hour afternoon hanging out with Boyd". And having hung out many afternoons with Boyd I can attest this to be true. I have spent hours in Boyd's company and have never been bored a minute. 4 hours is if anything, too short! But all good things have their time and I think Larry got it just right. Boyd's mind is that of a polymath and his temperament that of a congenial Renaissance man.

Larry is equally a gent. I was lucky to be previewed this film at his house with his beautiful wife Tora. We watched two hours had a delicious PIzza and discussion and watched the other two hours. I introduced them to Mark Savage that day, an amazing Oz filmmaker, and it was a great day and great pleasure to introduce these folks.

I have been extremely impressed by Wessel's previous work, especially TAUROBOLIUM. Pure Ontological Cinema. A serious new vein of Underground Cinema can be found in Wessel's work. Larry takes the notion of underground cinema and documentary to new places. He should be funded by the Getty or other such US arts organization.

Iconoclast is an epic passion project that must not have been easy for personalities as large as Larry and Boyd. So, hats off to both of them as we cinema lovers and audience gain. Buy a DVD and see this film. Support Underground Cinema. It Matters!

Best Regards

Richard Wolstencroft
Filmmaker and MUFF Director
Richard Wolstencroft
A Masterpiece of Cinema Verite
. --Excellent
It's absolutely fascinating reading your comments, "R.S. Barnish". Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and more often than not it's those differing opinions and voices that makes something richer... Allowing for different ways to view something, maybe offering something new to the table. But your comments, which you are also so frightened of having your real name attached to, does nothing of the sort. Any discerning reader can clearly tell it's the ramblings of someone who has a personal beef to hack with the filmmaker. They offer nothing. Just a childish, dumbed-down and borderline hysterical way for you to express your jealousy and spite.

And R.S. is jealous. He is a struggling (VERY struggling) underground / independent wannabe "filmmaker" who is trying to get a break. Like Larry Wessel successfully has with this entirely self-made, self-produced and self-distributed epic. Granted that gets to R.S. Why couldn't he get any attention for his sloppily made and juvenile attempts at filmmaking? 
That's not fair!

R.S. is just a little boy holding a big grudge. Trying to disguise using a pseudonym and poor excuse for a review.

As far as ICONOCLAST goes, I doubt he can fully comprehend the ENORMOUS amount of work and patience and dedication required to tackle 200+ hours of raw footage, every minute containing bouts of information, and sitting down for SIX YEARS to edit it into a cohesive storyline. On your OWN. 

Larry is my husband so of course this review can be considered biased. But I know film, if I know anything. I know documentaries. I know that more often than not I'm left wanting more after a doc ends. I know it's rare I feel as if I know the subject after I'm finished watching. And I know it's even rarer to come across a filmmaker who has such passion for his craft that he will dedicate all this time to a subject, and never give up no matter what obstacles present themselves his way. Again - on his OWN.

As for your poor attempts at a "review", you offer nothing. No EDITING? anyone who has viewed this film will tell you that every single frame is full of content, that every bit and piece has been finely tuned and edited much like one of Larry Wessel's extraordinary and infamous collage art pieces. Larry is someone who has an incredible eye for detail, and the patience to tackle it, too. 

Watching him work on this film every single day for 5+ years I can tell you without a doubt that the editing is sublime and completely mind-blowing, and I'd dare you, R.S., to create something even remotely similar from piles and piles and piles of unedited raw footage. You could not do it. You would not do it justice. You would be far to preoccupied with trying to cubit down (and down, and down..) to satisfy the popular masses and your own short attention span.

The fact is that every minute if the four hours offers something to the full story. And upon finishing the film, the viewer is left with an intimate and realistic portrait and view into one of the most controversial and secretive artists currently on this earth.

This is a film for people interested in people. Like an above reviewer said - it is an exploration that offers real insight to the viewer. It offers you little clues and little hints and the viewer might pick up on some, or all, or none.

ICONOCLAST is an epic documentary that is completely in the line with true Cinema Verite. The road paved by such artists as
Frederick Wiseman (Titicut Follies, Hospital), the Measley Brothers (Gray Gardens, Gimme Shelter) and even Leni Riefenstahl (Triumph of the Will, Olympia).

Artists who do not compromise. Artists who offer you a new way altogether to look at the film medium and the subject. Artists with a real passion and unflinching eye for the insights only Cinema Verite can offer the viewer.

This film ranks among this greats. For those who can sit down and watch a film knowing it is 4 hours long, it offers an almost transcendental experience upon completion. You won't think of film, Boyd Rice, or popular culture the sane way again, ever, after watching this feat in editing and storytelling. It will change you forever. I can say that without a doubt. And ICONOCLAST is not only a return to the true wats of documentary film making, it has paved a new road altogether, for artists, viewers and independent cinema everywhere.

The film is brilliant. As always with such works, it will often go straight over the heads of your common viewer. For those who know and appreciate film as an art form, and those who are interested in the unusual and lesser heard voices and views that are hard to come by among all the cookie-cutter, boring, uninspired staying-within-the-lines documentaries - this movie will most definitely rank in your very favorites.

There is nowhere now or anytime in the future you will get a truer, more insightful and comprehensive portrait of an artist such as Rice.

Larry Wessel dares to take you where you haven't been before. It might be scary at first. But this us what great artists DO. They not only give you something you haven't seen before, they might end up redefining an entire genre, and they might end up passing a legacy down to other filmmakers with their fresh eyes. Like Riefenstahl. Like Wiseman. Like Errol Morris. Like the Measley Brothers. And now - like Larry Wessel.

-Tora Wessel

Tora Wessel
Hate Boyd, liked the film
. --Good
Well, I'm no massive geek/child abuser/Tiki fanatic fan. So I kind of hate Boyd.

However I watched the film with my boyfriend and though I did drift off to make tea sometimes I sat through most of it. If it was as boring as everyone on here seems to think (I'm looking here at the haters throwing shade on the work) then there is no way on earth that would have been the case. Yeah, some bits were shit. The panning in and out on the lemon grove sign, I could have lived without that. However, some of the film was genuinely funny, genuinely engaging and a really in-depth and interesting portait of a person. Some of it was indulgent and could have been edited a tiny bit more. I would not have sought out this film myself but I'm glad I watched, if only for the Tiki.
Jennifer Aniston
If you wanna get personal...
. --Excellent
It is self-evident to say that Iconoclast is predominantly an interview-based documentary, but many viewers found these interviews so engrossing and thought-provoking that the four hours flew by. Any interview is always as much a portrait of the interviewee as it is an opportunity to reap whatever perspective they happen to be able to offer on the documentary’s subject matter. Off the top of my head I can picture half a dozen of the cast of Iconoclast, alongside what they said and how they said it, an ease that reflects well on the filmmaker. I likewise came away from the documentary feeling as if I had spent a long time hanging out with Boyd Rice, and that this had been illuminating. It is worth remembering that all this material didn't just fall out of the sky and into Wessel's lap.

I’m thinking that the viewers who found Iconoclast boring might be those not especially interested in personality - the way someone expresses themselves, their gestures and speech patterns and the like. Wessel’s film suggests he is acutely interested in these idiosyncrasies. If you’re not, maybe you won’t like Iconoclast, if you are, you probably will.

Thomas McGrath
"Unedited"? Are you serious?
. --Excellent
A couple of troll-types have made the claim that this DVD doc hasn't been edited, or that Wessel used "every bit" of footage he had. What utter crap — Wessel shot over 200 HOURS of footage, and had to face the onerous task of editing it down to just four. And this four hours, spread over three parts, actually makes this documentary seem almost two brief.
I'd remind the two nay-sayers here that yes, you ARE indeed entitled to an opinion. But telling lies does not constitute a credible review. OK?
. --Excellent
This is THE film for fans of Boyd Rice, Unpop and CoS / Industrial-related subculture. After 4 hours I wanted it to go on for at least for one or two hours, and this is IMHO the best compliment a documentary can get. Mr. Wessel knows how infotainment works!
Larry Wessel made a great film
. --Excellent
If you have any interest in Boyd Rice, and his obsessions, you’ll love this film. If not, you probably won’t. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. I wasn’t aware that Mr. Wessel was trying to make Iconoclast a summer blockbuster that would cater to those needing constant emotional stimulation in order to be entertained. Hey Larry, next time you make a film be sure to include plenty of car chases and some BIG EXPLOSIONS!!!!!
Al Campbell
Devil's in the Details
. --Excellent
Incredibly thorough and intricate article, Thomas. (One of the many reasons to love Headpress!) I also had the pleasure of writing about ICONOCLAST and have to wonder if the previous commentator had seen the same film I did. The editing is one of the best things about it! As a Final Cut Pro video editing geek, I loved the numerous uses of cuts, transitions, lower third graphics and all that groovy stuff that come with such a job. The Peggy Moffitt sequence alone had a ton of assorted cuts going on. Different strokes for different folks, but I found the film to be very captivating with a good flow to it. (No mean feat with that healthy running time!) The film, like Boyd himself, may not be for everyone, but I loved it.
A Yawn-Free Documentary
. --Excellent
A thoroughly enjoyable independently-financed documentary which touches on the many facets of Boyd's life. Guaranteed to draw negative criticisms from the armchair intellectuals who need their information inserted into them like a suppository greased by Hollywood's self-important pomposity. Those familiar with Boyd will find this 3-disc opus a fast-paced ride, and Larry Wessell -like a true showman- leaves his audience hungry for more.
Jason Hainey
Please Give Me My 4 Hours Back!
. --Poor
BORING BORING BORING. Bad sound. Bad camera technique. Boring unedited interview after interview.

When going to see a movie, you expect some kind of emotional response. Happy, sad, frightened, funny, something! With this "film" you get nothing. You struggle to understand what the person on the screen is saying, you watch raw footage that has not been treated to any editing.

Apparently Larry Wessel is a man that owns a camera, but he cannot be considered a filmmaker.

Do yourself a favor, take a nap in your bed at home for 4 hours. In the alternative, you can go and see this debacle. Either way, you are guaranteed to sleep.
Robert Emery
shit stains and hecklers
. --Excellent
barnish is a heckler of the lamest sort a feeble attempt to steal the spotlight from someone actually doing something creative instead of offering an informative critique he lobs silly insults that are way off target Larry's movie plays out like a conversation with Boyd and the man is hilarious and like all Larry's movies there is a first person perspective where if it was not for the editing flow it would feel like Larry was not even there just his subject laid bare before the viewer now how many film makers can do that let alone even come close!
free speech ?
. --Poor
Larry Wessel
Looks like a certain Genesis Survivor who calls himself "R.S. Barnish" doesn't like my Iconoclast...would you be so kind as to click on this link and respond to R.S. to set this mentally ill person straight? Many Thanks in Advance!!
frank booth
Warning to R.S. Barnish
. --Excellent
Dear R.S.,
Ambien is often prescribed to treat certain brain disorders. It's side-effects include hallucinations, abnormal thinking and behavior changes. Answering these key questions may help you climb out of your A Hole. Can you not get to sleep without Ambien? Do you use Ambien to calm down, or have you used Ambien without a doctor's prescription? Are you afraid you might be addicted to Ambien?
A Concerned Friend,
Larry Wessel
Larry Wessel
An Alternative to B.S. Tarnish
. --Excellent
There is ONE fact in the previous review — Wessel's documentary is, indeed, four hours long. The rest of the "review" is sheer nonsensical fabrication from the diseased spittle-flecked mouth of a looney-tune. Maybe he forgot to take his medication. Maybe his dog bit his nose off. Who knows? If you want to know what this exceedingly informative documentary is REALLY like, Mute will be re-releasing the DVD in 2012. Stay tuned . . .
Mad King Ludwig
A Fun and Worthwhile Documentary
. --Excellent
Larry Wessel's Iconoclast is a brilliantly entertaining documentary. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this 3-DVD documentary on Boyd Rice over three consecutive evenings.

Larry did the best thing a documentary filmmaker can do: he let the subject speak for itself. I highly recommend this gem of a film. (The audio is dynamic, like a lot of BBC DVDs. I'm not sure why reviewer B.S. Garnish had difficulty hearing it; likely needs new hearing-aid batteries and a sharper fork.)
Ken Gage
. --Excellent
ICONOCLAST is a psychedelic adventure through the music, mind and mythology of BOYD RICE. It is fascinating to watch as it develops across the three locational segments of Rice's life - LEMON GROVE, SAN FRANCISCO and DENVER. Rice thrives on camera as an unparalleled natural story teller providing his unique insight into everything from Bobby Sherman to Charles Manson, with Anton LaVey, Tiny Tim, Marilyn Manson, and The Partridge Family along the way. There is nothing boring about Boyd, and the stories he tell, the music he makes and the people he has known personally. Wessel is brilliant at capturing Rice, and carefully editing the flow of music and memories, so that 50+ years of Rice, underground American culture and music, and Rice's collision with mainstream America, cover all this ground in a four hour doc that goes by too quickly. ICONOCLAST BREAKS BOUNDARIES, like its subject, BOYD RICE.
K.B. Adamson
Poor R.S.
. --Excellent
Sorry you missed Oprah, R.S
Iconoclast from a fan perspective
. --Excellent
I love this movie not from some right wing or satanic perspective, but from that of a Boyd fan; it's a perfect doccumentary. It reveals lots and little at the same time. If you're of the I hate Nazi (???) Boyd perspective, you're going to hate it, read his book NO, that'll answer plenty. But I found it fascinating and informative and only hope Wessel offers an even longer version on DVD if at all possible. Thank you very much Larry Wessel for making this and giving me the opportunity to get it on DVD.
Happy Cassette
"R.S. Barnish" Is In Need Of Psychiatric Treatment
. --Excellent
Dear R.S.,
Thank you for reaching out to me. Sadly, your "review" speaks volumes about your mental illness and of your addiction to sleeping pills. One wonders about your craving for Ambien. What terrifying thoughts race through your damaged brain at night R.S.? The following information is from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, www.nami.org
• Mental illnesses are disorders of the brain that disrupt a person’s thinking, feeling, moods, and ability to relate to others. Just as diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas, mental illnesses are disorders that often result in a diminished capacity for coping with the ordinary demands of life.
• Mental illnesses can affect persons of any age, race, religion, or income. Mental illnesses are not the result of personal weaknesses, or poor upbringing. Over seven million people in this country and over five million children and adolescents suffer from a serious chronic mental disorder. These illnesses have a great impact on our society. Four of the top ten leading causes of disability are mental illnesses including: major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and obsessive compulsive disorder, and the estimated cost of mental health care is over $150 billion per year. But far more important is the effect untreated mental illness has on the lives of individuals and their loved ones.
• These brain disorders are treatable. As a diabetic takes insulin, most people with serious mental illnesses need medication to help control symptoms. Supportive counseling, self-help groups, housing, vocational rehabilitation, income assistance, and other community services can also provide support and stability, contributing to recovery.
Larry Wessel
An Alternative to Ambien
. --Poor
The only redeeming factor of this movie is it is safer than Ambien. Only Larry Wessel can take an infinitely interesting person such as Boyd Rice and make a 4 hour snooze fest. There is no editing. He used every second of footage that he shot. The sound is horrible. Recorded in various situations and the sound goes from loud to soft, tons of hiss to unintelligible. If you actually go to the theater to see this film, bring a fork to repeatedly stab yourself in the head. It will make the film more enjoyable. A preferable alternative would be to take the 4 hours you would spend watching this film, sit on a lawn, and watch the grass grow.
R.S. Barnish

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