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Dark Stars Rising press

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Shortlisted for the 2011 Bram Stoker Awards!

Nominated for the 2011 Rondo Hatton Awards for Book of the Year!

"The most fearsome creatures in the transgressive cinema."
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"A wild, untamed grab bag of gonzo genre weirdos in one lovingly sculpted collection. A must-have for cinema miscreants of almost every persuasion."
Chris Alexander, Fangoria

Image examiner logo

"Shade Rupe exposes cult cinema icons with Dark Stars Rising."
Interview with Shade Rupe on the Examiner»

Image thumbnail scarlet magazine Image thumbnail starburst
"The book also boasts an intriguing graphic design (which reminded me of The East Village Other but more technically competent)." HHL, Scarlet magazine
"An indispensable tome which no coffee table, Giger-esque or otherwise, should be without. 9/10" Simon Besson, Starburst» 

Image peter straub shade rupe joe hill
(L-R) Peter Straub fondles a copy of Dark Stars Rising with Shade Rupe and Joe Hill at the 2010 Bram Stoker Awards on Long Island. (click for larger image).

Image thumbnail spectacular optical Image thumbnail examiner
"This is an essential collection that is bound to become a fixture on counterculture bookshelves for decades to come." Kier-La Janisse, Spectacular Optical» "One of those unique, once-in-a-decade rarities which I read from cover to cover, and then re-read again when I was finished." Bill Cassinelli, Examiner»
Image five stars

"This is the real deal, a grand grimoire for the 21st century."
Kenneth McDaniel, Amazon reviewer

Image thumbnail cinesploitation Image thumbnail cinema retro
"This is a book that deserves to be read and re-read because there is no way to take it all in on the first go around."
"For the most part, these personalities fall further outside of the mainstream than Pluto is from Earth. Highly recommended."
Cinema Retro»

Bruce Glover

"This is big! And so eighties!"
Jörg Buttgereit

  IFC Center, New York, Item of the Week: Dark Stars Rising

Image thumbnail videoscope

Image thumbnail vultraviolent

"One of the very best media books of the new millennium."

"There is a smarter universe out there and Shade may just have inadvertently mapped its manifesto."
Steven Severin, Siouxie & The Banshees

"Absolutely excellent!"

Diamanda Galás

Image thumbnail schlockmania

Dark Stars Rising "has a 'fetish object' sort of intri­cacy to its look."
Image thumbnail bookgasm

"Visually, it’s almost like being hopped up on sugar and then reaching for another Twinkie: overload!"

"A great book, a worthy addition to the collection of anyone who follows the bizarre. I have it right next to my research labs books!"
Edward Ross Flynn, artist/journalist

Image thumbnail popmatters

"To open Shade Rupe’s Dark Stars Rising: Conversations from the Outer Realms at random is to drop into a vortex."
Image thumbnail film comment

"A who's who of the most beloved visionaries, trailblazers, subversives, and, well, freakazoids of the last 50 years."
Film Comment

"One guy in the audience offered a stream of arcane trivia about the 'stars' of the movie – he turned out to be Shade Rupe, who’s just published a collection of his interviews with cult artists."
Don Shewey, Another Eye Opens»

Image thumbnail horrortalk Image thumbnail theater thoughts 
"Highly recommended."
Image four stars
"Bottom line – You can’t call yourself a genre fan and not own “Dark Stars Rising: Conversations From The Outer Realm”. It is just that good."
Theater Thoughts 

"Nobly horrific. I loved it!"
Ken Russell

It's off the f*cking wall! Fantastic job."

Brian Harris, Wildside Cinema»

Image thumbnail dread central Image thumbnail indiewire
"This is a gorgeous book and a great deal of bang for the buck."
Dread Central»
Interview with Shade Rupe

"A great achievement."
Seldon Hunt, artist and designer

Image thumbnail dangerous minds Image thumbnail brutal as hell
"If you appreciate being able to eavesdrop in on smart conversations between smart people—and if you’re nostalgic for the fast disappearing world of zine culture—this a book you won’t want to miss."
Dangerous Minds»
"This book is IMPRESSIVE! Just do yourself a favor and snag this one up while you can."
Brutal As Hell»

"This thing's gorgeous. Really, really fantastic. David's layout is A+ too. Great work, man. Well worth the wait!"
Mitch Davis, Director of International Programming at Fantasia Film Festival

Image thumbnail screen rush Image thumbnail horror news
"Tura Satana, RIP 1938- 2011."
Screen Rush»
"A richly rewarding treat of conversations with the masters."
Horror News»

"One hell of an interviewer. And fabulous design."
John Hancock, director Let's Scare Jessica to Death, Weeds

Image thumbnail papermag Image thumbnail dennis cooper
"This is one ferocious read!"
"3 books I read recently and loved"

"A great book, a worthy addition to the collection of anyone who follows the bizarre. I have it right next to my research labs books!"
Edward Ross Flynn, artist/journalist

Image thumbnail rue morgue Image thumbnail fangoria
Interview with Shade Rupe
Rue Morgue»
"Attractively laid out like a mad cut-and-paste collage zine but weighty enough to bash someone’s brains in; I loved this tome."

"Dark Stars Rising is literally one of the best reads I've had in five years."
Wesley Allen, Bloodsprayer.com

Image thumbnail new york post Image thumbnail cinema crazed
"Take a walk on the wild side."
New York Post»
"For readers looking for a visit into a zone beyond the diluted mainstream pabulum, Dark Stars Rising is a stellar book that deserves to be read and preserved."
Cinema Crazed

"A book which proves there ALL ways IS an under the counter culture no matter how inert the mass media environment might wish us to believe and surrender to. VIVA LA EVOLUTION!"
Genesis Breyer P_Orridge

Image thumbnail beyond hollywood Image thumbnail temple of ghoul
"Dark Stars Rising is a true Necronomicon, a Black Bible of transgression and transcendence, of the Other and the Beyond."
Beyond Hollywood»
"Images almost literally burst from the paper in a subliminal, psychedelic manner, spilling from the edges of the pages into your surroundings and into your brain – altering them so that after reading this book you can't be the same person as before."
Temple of Ghoul»

"Wow, I'm so impressed with Dark Stars Rising. Just got it and can't put it down. It is a work of art."
Robert Morfitt, guitarist, Econoline Crush

 Image thumbnail antibacterial pope  Image thumbnail bloodsprayer
"This Headpress Book is simply GORE-geous: there's countless photos, ad mats, and rare stills, something you'll never be able to fully appreciate on an e-reader (and MAN does this ink smell GOOD!)."
Antibacterial Pope
"Dark Stars Rising is quite possibly the single greatest collection of interviews I’ve ever seen."
The Blood Sprayer

"I'm leafing through the pages as if they were of a brittle and brilliant piece of parchment. The presentation on Dark Stars Rising is astonishing."
Mark Watts, Soiled Sinema»

Image thumbnail synergy Image thumbnail horrorview
"Defines what being an outsider is all about; challenging, transgressive and taboo breaking, Dark Stars makes you think as well as entertains."
"Fans of the dark, demented, and depraved side of cinema, rejoice - Shade Rupe has written your bible."

Awarded the Ghoul seal of Approval
The Cult of Ghoul»

Image thumbnail bloody disgusting Image thumbnail blog critics
"This book is gorgeous."
Bloody Disgusting»
"A venerable feast for anti-art lovers everywhere."

"With SUCH stars talking, and with SUCH images around them, this is the Black Bible of everything that I love! This is THE book to have!"
Dejan Ognjanovic, author/critic

Dark Stars Rising: Conversations from the Outer Realms by Shade Rupe is a collection of 27 candid interviews spanning 24 years with unique and free-thinking artists. Working in different media, countries, constraints, and freedoms, the vortex here is created by New York film writer Shade Rupe, known for his avant interests and the cultural realm he inhabits with his Funeral Party books. Everyone in this collection has produced artifacts that affect the heart, mind, soul, and future. Buy the book»

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. --Excellent
Jodorowsky, Satana, and Udo Kier...WHAT A READ!
Christopher Storti
Powerhouse Shade
. --Excellent
Shade is a powerhouse!

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