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Conspiracy Cinema's Top Five

Author David Ray Carter offers the best of Conspiracy Cinema. Watch the film and read his opinion.
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Loose Change This is the film that really got me thinking about this topic because of the mainstream press coverage it received. Existing in multiple versions and initially distributed for free, Loose Change established the format and distribution pattern than is now the standard for the genre. It is certainly worth analyzing for those reasons alone, but I feel that Loose Change is actually not very convincing, has multiple flaws and logical holes, and is ultimately a poor representation of 9/11 Conspiracy theories in spite of the acclaim and recognition it has received.

My problem with Loose Change is mainly because the first versions of the film were filled with factual errors and obvious misrepresentations, and the valid information present was pulled from other sources without credit being given. As the film progressed to "Loose Change: Final Cut," you begin to have these things corrected but you see the focus change from a search for answers to an attempt to gain the 9/11 Truth movement more publicity. Ultimately, the film tries to tackle too much information in too short of a time, causing things like the scientific aspects of the tower collapse to be glossed over. Since it includes ideas that can be refuted, it makes the entire documentary look false.



American Drug War: The Last White Hope Compelling because it is closer to the works of Errol Morris than Alex Jones but still promotes several conspiracy theories on the War on Drugs. Chiefly, it presents intriguing evidence that the CIA was actively involved in the drug trade during the 1980s and that drug laws are designed to be unfair to minorities. The film is also interesting because it tackles the social issues of institutionalized racism, treatment for drug addicts, and prison overpopulation as well as the conspiracies.



The World According to Monsanto Not even a conspiracy film, per se. What the film does is give a behind-the-curtain look at the FDA and how rampant corruption is in the organization, particularly involving Monsanto and their lobbyists. I consider it to be a piece of Conspiracy Cinema because it takes on a structure common to many conspiracy documentaries but executes them far more successfully.



Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove Historically important because it was the film that put Alex Jones - the de facto "king" of Conspiracy Cinema - on the map. Jones obtained footage from inside the exclusive retreat through subterfuge, and the piece feels more like investigative journalism than crackpot conspiracy theorizing. Jones certainly engages in the latter during the film, but he amply proves that there is a concerted effort to keep the activities at Bohemian Grove a secret.



Evidence of Revision An exhaustive six-chapter examination of the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and Martin Luther King Jr. The films are exceedingly well made from a technical standpoint and contain a good deal of footage that is not available elsewhere. Though the series is occasionally redundant, the inclusion of verifiable primary sources makes for very compelling viewing.

Evidence of Revision is also the work I consider to be the most persuasive because it does not attempt to lead the viewer to a belief in a single conspiracy theory. There's no "villain" in the narrative, the film is just asking viewers to reconsider the official story. It simply presents the evidence-without comment-and allows the viewer to arrive at their own conclusion, although it is very obviously guiding the audience toward the belief in a conspiracy.

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Conspiracy Cinema: Propaganda, Politics and Paranoia by David Ray Carter. Conspiracy theories are shocking by their very nature, and Conspiracy Cinema delves into the history of cinema’s most controversial genre. More info»

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