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"As Stevenson points out, Goldstein’s innate need to sabotage would turn on himself when he didn’t have a tangible target, and it was at times when the culture was most accepting of him that he tended to bottom out." Kier-La Janisse, Spectacular Optical»

Image cover little shoppe of horrors Image goldstein beneath contempt
"This is one fantastic, fabulous, fascinating book. I might not want to be Al Goldstein or want to meet him. But, boy, is he an interesting guy to read about." Little Shoppe of Horrors»
"208 pages of pure biographical filth." SHU-IZMZ»

Image thumbnail rick trembles beneath contempt "[In this] brand new unauthorized biography... Stevenson doesn't shy away from some of the contradictions inherent in Al Goldstein's acerbic worldview!"
Rick Trembles, Snubdom»

Image thumbnail cinesploitation beneath contempt Image thumbnail punk globe
"Beneath Contempt is a fast-paced, well researched and extremely entertaining read from cover to cover." Greg B., Cinesploitation» Interview with Jack Stevenson by Rebecca G. Wilson on Punk Globe»

“Jack Stevenson has covered the sewers of showbusiness for a long time but here he may have found his 'bottom'. Beneath Contempt is an amazingly well written and researched biography of a man so loathsome that even I am appalled.”
John Waters

Image thumbnail film threat Image thumbnail horror talk beneath contempt
"Jack Stevenson may be our generation’s preeminent chronicler of the seamier side of cinema."
Noel Lawrence, Film Threat»
"Stevenson doesn't shy away from finding the truth in some of the porn king's more questionable statements." Steve Pattee, Horror Talk»

"You'll feel dirty reading it."

Image thumbnail antibacterial pope Image thumbnail another magazine
"Plenty of info. for those interested in learning more about this filthy American menace." Nick Cato, Antibacterial Pope» "Whether you agree or disagree with Goldstein's vision, this story is one not to ignore."
Laura Bradley, Another Magazine»
Image thumbnail shock cinema Image thumbnail erotic review
"Stevenson keeps the boring bits of Al's life to a minimum and gets right down to the good stuff." Steve Puchalski, Shock Cinema "Jack Stevenson’s absorbing book is a very thorough and dispassionate look at both a man and a slice of American cultural history. It deserves a place on the bookshelves of anyone who fancies themselves a student of contemporary culture." Bruno Phillips, Erotic Review»

"New history and fresh insight into that counter-cultural battering ram once known as Al Goldstein. Stevenson's work has resulted in something rarely seen: an important book. (Full disclosure: I don't come off too bad, either.)"
Josh Alan Friedman, author Tales of Times Square

Image thumbnail orb editions Image thumbnail grounded
"The entire gobsmacking scenario in a punchy and succinct page-turner way." Mark Reeve, ORB Editions» "Stevenson’s book definitely cuts the mustard, and eloquently tells the story of a great American dream turned nightmare." Carl Abrahamsson, Grounded»

"I recommend this book to the Queen of England."
Black Cracker»

Jim Haynes, co-founder SUCK

Image cover thumbnail beneath contempt
Beneath Contempt and happy to be there by Jack Stevenson. The incredible life of Al Goldstein, an overweight cab driver and carny barker who became the most outspoken leader of America's sexual revolution, is captured in this unauthorized biography in all its X-rated glory. Buy this book»

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